Welcome to GunCrisis.org

In the spirit of transparency, we are sharing a mission statement from day one, although it is obviously still a work in progress.

GunCrisis.org seeks not to blame but contends that there is an epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia and similar cities, and seeks solutions.

We are interested in the theory that youth violence would be best addressed as a public health issue.

We will strive to bear witness through solutions-oriented journalism but avoid fear reporting.

We are researching the feasibility of producing a documentary to define the problem, look at what forms of intervention are already working — and what else can be done.

We may seek non-profit status when we find the resources. For now, GunCrisis.oorg is being bootstrapped by participants with no compensation.

Above all, we hope to build a community of concerned citizens who refuse to rest until we make a difference.

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