Video: Arriving at a shooting scene last week

It shouldn’t be this easy to find a shooting scene.

But on the average, at least one person has been murdered in Philadelphia every day over the last 25 years — and more than three-quarters of them have been killed with a gun.

Last week, local photojournalist Joe Kaczmarek took us to this scene just after a man had just been shot multiple times — but there has been no other reporting on any of the crime scenes he showed us that night. is a new open source journalism project intended to fill in the gaps.

We will strive to avoid polarizing debates but contend that there is an epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia and similar cities.

We will study the landscape and the roots of the crisis, seek the individuals and organizations working to disrupt and intervene, and expand the community of citizens who refuse to rest until we make a difference.

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