Realizing peace through art and dialogue

Considering Harm is a new project blog by visual art and art educator Pamela Flynn.

“The purpose of this blog is to promote a dialogue through my visual images.  The images that I am posting are contemplations on the inflicting of harm. The images allow the viewer to take ownership of the interpretation. Alone one cannot make the world a kinder place but together-through dialogue-the peace and kindness we all seek can be realized.”

hand gun study #1 is among two new pieces Flynn shared online yesterday; this one in a post entitled “Loss of a mother,” which reads:

When a mother dies a child knows her death through loss. A child knows the loss of her smile, the loss of her touch, the loss of her voice.

On March 18, 2012, 6 year old Anthony and baby Robin lost their mother to gun violence. Their mother, Sandra Bajnath, was shot dead on her front porch in Queens, NYC.  Anthony and Robin will never see the smile of their mother again. They will never feel the touch of their mother again. They will never hear the voice of their mother again. Anthony and Robin lost their mother to gun violence.

*Republished with permission.


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