Project Update: The first two weeks

As we enter our third week at, we have been met with encouragement and support on every front, except for the one that matters most: Philadelphia has continued to lose — on the average — one person to homicide by gunfire every day.

On the bright side, we have been contacted by a local activist group, a national anti-violence organization, professionals offering much needed services and several journalists interested in reporting on the #GunCrisis project. This new report comes from Generocity.org

Posts including original news, photos and video, crowd-sourced support and aggregated social media content have generated thousands of page views and the first flickers of a new community.

Please join us. You can reach us via email, phone, social media, live chat or a contact form. Please take a look around, let us know what you think — and how we can help.

Thank you for visiting.
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