Philadelphia homicide map

Only one homicide was reported in Philadelphia’s historic Old City in 2011. Thirty-three year old Scoey Potter was shot to death in March.

But there were 318 people murdered across the city altogether. If you look back five, 10 or more than 20 years, it becomes difficult to deny the scope of the crisis.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently mapped 8,991 homicides across the city over the last 23 years, and has shared that data at

You can click to learn how each person was killed – and in three quarters of the cases, they were killed with firearms.

These victims were shot in North Philadelphia, but West Philadelphia looks the pretty similar — and South Philly not much better

Center City is both more affluent and less densely populated – but even in the shadow of city hall — the gray square in this view — you can see where people have been killed with guns. plans to examine this epidemic, seek solutions and turn back the clocks. Learn more at



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