Taking action against gun violence around the country

The demonstrators in this video were marching last weekend against violence at New York’s Fort Greene Houses after three young men were shot to death in late March. The New York Times reported: Those neighborhoods have had enough.

In New Jersey, more than 100 people turned out Saturday morning for the Community Prayer March for Peace, an annual event organized by Paterson CeaseFire.

In Chicago, hundreds of members of a West Side church took to the streets Sunday, calling for a halt to the gun violence they say has devastated parts of the city and demanding justice in the Trayvon Martin case.

A rally in downtown Knoxville, TN, expressed opposition to gun violence and remembered the teenager shot to death in Florida.

A church will be ringing Bells of Peace in a section dubbed Kansas City’s Murder Factory in a newspaper series which found the 64130 ZIP code was home to more convicted murderers than any other in the state.

The community in Lexington, KY, called for an end to violence during a vigil for a slain local teen in late March.

Last month in Harrisburg, PA, a group working to prevent gun violence held their vigil for a slain cab driver.

In Springfield, MA, officials are considering an ordinance allowing the city to seize and sell vehicles if illegal guns are found inside.

GunCrisis.org has been created to see new solutions but will begin that process by looking more deeply into responses already underway. Come back for more updates.

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