Mayor Nutter: “Got a Gun, Go to Jail”

Earlier this week, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter addressed at 9th Annual Mayor’s Summit on Race, Culture and Human Relations in Tallahassee, Florida. Nutter’s speech was entitled: “Cities United: Building Consensus about the deaths of African American males.” Excerpted below:

“We have begun a serious conversation about the epidemic of African American male homicides.”

“This discussion includes a committed effort to stem the proliferation of illegal guns in our cities; guns which are wiping out an entire generation of African American men and boys.”

“As I often say to those with illegal guns, “Got a Gun, Go to Jail”. I’m not talking about legally purchased guns that people use for protection. I am talking about illegal guns bought from straw purchasers and used in shootings in cities throughout America.”

“For an illegal firearm, there is a $500 reward for every tip we receive that leads to an arrest and conviction. If you have information about a homicide, we’ll give you a $20,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction.”

READ THE COMPLETE TEXT: Mayor Nutter Delivers Address at 9th Annual Mayor’s Summit on Race, Culture and Human Relations « City of Philadelphia’s News & Alerts.

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