Cradle2Grave: Hospital-based violence prevention in Philadelphia

In response to the increased number of homicides involving young people, Temple University Hospital has created a highly interactive, two-hour experience that confronts participants with the realities of youth violence on a personal level.

Cradle to Grave is one of the few hospital-based violence prevention programs of its kind in the country. This riveting two-hour program is aimed at educating at-risk youth about the perils of gun violence. During their experience, young people are allowed to step into the shoes of a real life teenager, Lamont Adams, and follow his journey from his birth in North Philadelphia to the events that would ultimately claim his life just 16 short years later.

Using his medical record as a map, staff from Temple University Hospital guide participants through all of the startling procedures that were conducted on Lamont in an effort to save his life. In the very type of room in which Lamont was treated, students are given an unvarnished look at the aftermath of gunshot injury. During the program, young visitors are shown realistic images of violent injuries and encouraged to reflect on the value their lives hold for their families and friends. Here, there is no soundtrack. There are no special effects. There is only the grim truth about the ways that something as small as a bullet can lay waste to flesh, bone and dreams.

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