The #GunCrisis project: Behind the crime scenes

The #GunCrisis team is very grateful to Tara Murtha and the Philadelphia Weekly for today’s thoughtful and generous front-page report on our project.

We also want to thank Jeff Fusco for his remarkable attention to photographing us; two guys who don’t usually spend much time on the business end of a camera.

Murtha spent several nights on the streets with us, visiting countless crime scenes, including one she described in West Philadelphia last month:

It starts to drizzle. In the street, copper casings glint as flashlights sweep over them. A baseball hat splattered in blood rests on the sidewalk. Cops on the scene say that the victim, a 20-year-old black man, was shot several times in the chest, stomach and right arm in the middle of 40th Street. After he was shot, he limped down Girard toward a pizza parlor bar joint, leaving a gruesome, 15-foot-long trail of blood in his wake

A young black man walking by shouts into the air. “What is up with Philadelphia? Why do they be killing people for no reason?”

Murtha’s great care and persistence, working in the back seat as Joe Kaczmarek worked the streets night after night, helped us to get a better grip on our mission and resulted in a story that really brings you along with us.

Now, please join us, and help us find some solutions.


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