2012 U.S. Peace Index Highlights America’s Most and Least Peaceful States and Cities — and the cost of violence

2012 United States Peace Index from Vision of Humanity on Vimeo.

The 2012 United States Peace Index was released this week by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and Maine is most peaceful state for 11th consecutive year.

According to the Index, if all the states in the U.S. had the same level of peacefulness as the most peaceful state of Maine, $274 billion worth of extra economic activity could be generated. This additional economic activity would be enough to generate over 1.7 million jobs.

The total cost of violence to the U.S. was conservatively calculated to be over S460 billion while the lost productivity from violence amounted to $318 billion. 

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Philadelphia ranked 50th for peacefulness, out of 61 metropolitan areas examined in the report. The Cambridge, MA, metro area is the most peaceful, and Detroit the least peaceful.


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