Springfield, MA, Fights Crime Using Green Beret Tactics

The New York Times has a report on how two Massachusetts State Troopers are applying counterinsurgency tactics — gleaned during their service as U.S. Army Green Berets in Iraq — to combating gang warfare at home.

“It was kind of an ‘aha’ moment,” Trooper Cutone said. “Gang members and drug dealers operate very similarly to insurgents. I don’t mean they’re looking to overthrow the state. But the way that they blend into the passive support of the community and use that to their advantage is very similar.”

On a sheet of butcher paper, Trooper Cutone drafted a plan, listing goals like “Work by, with and through the local population,” and “Detect, degrade, disrupt and dismantle criminal activity” — maxims similar to those drilled into him during counterinsurgency training in the Special Forces.

READ THE FULL POST: Springfield, Mass., Fights Crime Using Green Beret Tactics – NYTimes.com.

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