Police stats confirm shootings and homicides on the rise this year in Philadelphia

A chalk circle surounds a shell casing on the crime scene after a man was shot several times on North American Street in the Olney section of Philadelphia Thursday night. Photos by Tom Kelly IV. More photos: http://tk4photo.blogspot.com/

The 29-year-old victim was reported to be on life support at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, and .22 caliber shell casings were found on the scene, according to Philly.comNBC Philadelphia is reporting that the victim may be brain dead.

At least six people were shot over 90 minutes Thursday evening in the city, and recent statistics from phillypolice.com show that homicides have increased by 10 percent this year over 2011 rates, with shootings up by 13 percent.

Philadelphia Police investigate on North American street Thursday night. Photo by Tom Kelly IV

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