Kaczmarek discusses covering Philadelphia homicides with Phawker.com: “It can be so random”

Joe Kaczmarek of GunCrisis.org is profiled on a new Q&A at Phawker.com this afternoon:

PHAWKER: That’s more than 2000 murders scenes you’ve photographed. What do you think is the root cause of all this violence?

JOE KACZMAREK: It’s all disagreements stemming from coping with life whether it’s over a girlfriend or money or drugs. People trying to cope with everyday life and for some reason killing somebody seems to be the damn answer to their problems. I don’t think it’s fair to narrow it down to any one issue because it can be so random. One day I’ll be covering a domestic murder suicide, the next day it is clear that maybe one of the corner guys got gunned down as a result of illegal activities. Other times it’s just like a robbery. A robbery goes bad, someone gets scared, pulls the trigger and nothing was taken except for a life.

READ THE FULL POST: http://www.phawker.com/2012/06/06/murder-is-my-business-qa-w-joe-kaczmarek/


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