Philadelphia residents react to recent gun violence

Tweets: Touched by Violence

Philadelphia residents have been responding on Twitter to the recent rash of gun violence in the city, sharing the ways in which they personally have been touched.

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So me and my brother just got shot at because I walk with a stroll smhKing Dingaling
Dam….my cousin got shot in his chestLove_Da_Game
that 32 year old who was shot and killed in south philly early sunday morning was one of my best friends in high school. sad morning for mejim decarlo
lookin at my youngest son made me remember layin in the streets after i was shot in the neck… i was almost not gona be alive to see himJ Dose
Some were afraid,
Why every time somebody let off fireworks on my block I think somebody getting shot ctfuu.BRAND_NEW
they just was shooting omg im scaredFMOI : its_cheniaa
some were tired of the violence,
I won’t be attending the fire works down the parkway this cuz knowing Philly somebody will be shooting smhT.J Detweiler
They Out Here Shooting Again , -____- .Ash Raymond Glover
and many just wanted their loved ones to be safe.
Be safe out there RT @TayCheekz: Hate when ppl shooting near me at nightLida❤
I Work Nd Go To School But I Live In The Hood Where Anything Can Happen My Momma Always Worried Calling Me When Somebody Get ShotAntSongz

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