#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.18.12

The Globe and Mail presents a timeline of historic incidents of gun violence in the US and Canada.

Alabama: Police say 17 injured in shooting at a bar in Tuscaloosa
California: Outcry after SF mayor considers stop-and-frisk
Chicago: Program steers boys away from violent crime
Colorado: A 2-year-old  boy died Tuesday evening after accidentally shooting
Delaware: Man gunned down on Newark street
Florida: Shooting of Intruder In Winter Haven Home Invasion ‘Justified’
New York: Amid the rise in gun violence in the city, Assemblywoman pushing to pass a microstamping bill
North Carolina: Police officer shot and killed
Oklahoma: Oklahoma Shooting Spree Underscores Racial Tension
Toronto: Grief and few solutions in wake of mass shooting
Wisconsin: Background checks may be extended for gun-buyers
Wasington: Dithering on police reform while gun violence erupts




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