#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Week in Review

Police investigate a homicide in the Germantown section of Philadelphia Saturday night. Photos by Joe Kaczmarek. More: http://www.joekaczmarek.blogspot.com/

Gunman shoots five people at Philadelphia house party
Man shot to death in Germantown Saturday night
#Guncrisis: Philadelphia updates: 7.21.12
Police: Officer kills armed man in Frankford
10-year old shot in Philly overnight
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia updates: 7.20.12
#Peace’NPhilly Rally to Stop the Violence in LOVE Park
Five people shot in Philadelphia overnight
First look: Videos from Colorado mass shooting scene
Peace’n’Philly at LOVE Park tonight
Live from LOVE Park
Peace’n’Philly tonight
Lupe Fiasco listens, shares and cares
#GunCrisis: National updates: 07.19.12
Enough children get shot in the US to maintain an active daily blog
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia updates: 07.19.12
Hunting Park shooting leaves man in critical condition Wednesday night
#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.18.12
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia updates: 7.18.12
Discussing the #GunCrisis in Philadelphia on WHYY’s Radio Times
Thursday: Stop the Violence Town Hall Meeting
Philadelphia singers, songwriters and producers collaborate to stop the violence
Driver shot to death inside his limo in Feltonville
#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.17.12
In the news: Searching for solutions to gun violence
News reports: Mass shooting in Canada Monday night
Sunday: West Philly vigil and march against violence
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.16.12
Weekend brings two police-involved shootings
Police seeking surveillance footage after shooting death. $40,000 reward available


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