#GunCrisis: National Updates: 07.27.12

A police flashlight illuminates a shell casing at the scene of a shooting Wednesday night in Philadelphia. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek. More: http://www.joekaczmarek.blogspot.com

Virginia: Four Year Old Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself In The Head
Chicago: Murders for 2012 Likely to Exceed 2011
Washington: Columbine, VA Tech survivors bring message to Seattle
NYC: Stop & Frisk | Guns (Visualized)
NYC: Judge throws book at punks involved in stray bullet murder of teen girl
Connecticut: Candlelight vigil focuses on gun violence solutions
PA: Second suspect sought after W. Pa. officer shot
NC: Officer shot, man is killed
NYT: Gun Control Group Calls On Presidential Candidates to Outline Plans
White House: Obama supports assault weapons ban but is not seeking new gun laws
Poll: US gun owners, including NRA members, support more restrictions
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Kristof advocates for public health alternatives



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