#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Week in Review

Neighbors pray the the scene after two teens were shot to death in their home Tuesday night in Philadelphia. Photo by Tom Kelly IV.

#GunCrisis: National Updates: 07.28.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Monitoring of ammunition and military equipment purchases
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.28.12
One man killed, another in extremely critical condition after Friday night shooting in East Mount Airy
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Homeland Security Gives Pointers On Surviving Shooting Sprees
Philadelphia police release surveillance video of armed robbery suspects
Commissioner Ramsey on the scale of the gun crisis in Philadelphia
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 07.27.12
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.27.12
Police suspect son of shooting father Wednesday night in Philadelphia
Third teenager shot down in Overbrook this week
Teen brothers shot to death: Updates and more photos
Poll: US gun owners, including NRA members, support more restrictions
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Kristof advocates for public health alternatives
GunCrisis.org in the news
#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.25.12
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.25.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: National unity
Philadelphia reacts to the shooting of Christopher Malcolm and Rohan “Sonny” Bennett in Overbrook
Photos from the scene: Teen brothers shot to death in their home
Teen and child killed: Loved ones, friends and neighbors react online
Reports: Child and teen shot to death in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia Tuesday night
#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.24.12
Shooting in Kensington wounds two men and a woman overnight
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 7.24.12
Intruders knock before killing man in West Oak Lane home late Monday night
Press release: Presbyterian Church USA response to Aurora massacre
Philly Metro looks into the #GunCrisis project
The roots of the #GunCrisis project
DJ reflects on Brewerytown house party shooting
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 7.23.12
#GunCrisis: National updates: 7.23.12
Directory of anti-violence organizations working in Philadelphia: Any suggestions?
Reality check on the roots of violence after mass shooting in Canada

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