It’s your turn: Tell your stories; share your solutions

Photo by @Jane_Roh

We don’t have much original reporting today because the #GunCrisis staff was busy at City Hall, where we were honored with the opportunity to lead a roundtable discussion on gun violence solutions with the Philadelphia City Council.

Come back tomorrow for a full report on the event, but if news coverage led you to our site tonight, please take the opportunity to join us, to share your stories and your ideas on how we can bring an end to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire.

Let us know how we can do better at, if we can share news about your events and organizations, individual efforts, or any way in which you think we could collaborate.

You can comment below or on our Facebook page, talk to us on Twitter, via email using or just leave a phone message anytime at (215) 882-9867.

You can even log into the live chat in the right column anonymously if you prefer. It’s your turn.


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