WHYY Radio Times continues series on Philadelphia gun violence this morning

Police investigate the murder scene after a man was shot in the chest and head at Diamond and Natrona Streets in North Philadelphia early this morning. At least four more people were shot in separate events across the city overnight. Photo by Tom Kelly IV.

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane on WHYY continued their series on gun violence with today’s program: Gun violence Philly: Victims & City’s perspective:

Joining us to discuss the impact of violent crime is someone who knows the cost too intimately: Mothers In Charge founder DOROTHY JOHNSON-SPEIGHT, whose son Khaaliq was shot and killed on December 6, 2001, over a parking space in Philadelphia. And we’ll hear about what law enforcement and public policy can do, including that federal-city partnership, from Philadelphia’s Public Safety Director, MICHAEL RESNICK. (LISTEN ONLINE NOW)

Listen to the first hours in this series: Responding to gun violence in Philadelphia & Wilmington and come back later for a full #GunCrisis report on the overnight incidents cited in today’s program.

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