Man in a wheelchair accused of shooting his mom

A 22 year old man is accused of shooting two people, one of whom is his own mother, shortly after 10:30 p.m. Thursday in Willow Grove.  The shooting occurred at the Willow Hill apartment complex in the 400 block of Easton Road in Willow Grove, Montgomery County.  A male victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and is reportedly in critical condition at Abington Hospital.  A female victim who is apparently the mother of the suspected gunman, suffered a single gunshot wound to the hand and is listed in stable condition at Abington Hospital.  The gun used in the shooting, which was a revolver was found at the scene of the crime, after the gunman tossed it over a chain link fence.  A man in a wheel chair was taken into custody at the scene, and according to witnesses he is the shooter.  Officers had to lift him from his wheel chair and carry him to a police cruiser to be transported back to the police station.  It is unclear if charges have been filed in the case.  Montgomery County detectives along with multiple municipal police departments are investigating the shooting.

Photojournalist Tom Kelly IV covered the scene for posted this story on their site about the shooting. posted this story on their site about the shooting. posted this story and a mugshot of the suspect.




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