#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Week in Review

Police gather at the scene after a man and woman were shot in Willow Grove, PA, Thursday night. A man in a wheelchair was accused of shooting the victims, which included his own mother. Photo by Tom Kelly IV. More: http://tk4photo.blogspot.com/

Man in a wheelchair accused of shooting his mom
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 8.3.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Build Trust between Cops and Kids
Updated: #GunCrisis reporting project in the news
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 8.2.12
At least 55 people shot in Philadelphia in two weeks since Aurora
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 8.2.12
WHYY Radio Times continues series on Philadelphia gun violence this morning
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Speak Up!
Overnight in Philadelphia: Four shootings in two hours
Officials provide media training to residents after mass shootings in Aurora and Toronto
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 8.1.12
Seeking solutions: #GunCrisis roundtable with the Philadelphia City Council
22-year-old man shot in the face in South Philadelphia overnight
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 8.1.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Ban high-capacity magazines
It’s your turn: Tell your stories; share your solutions
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Extend background checks to all gun sales
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.31.12
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 07.31.12
Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Demand responsible media coverage
#GunCrisis: National Updates: 07.30.12
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 07.30.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Demand specific solutions from both Presidential candidates
Interactive Map: The U.S. Shooting Epidemic
Vigil against gun violence today at scene of last week’s double teen murder in Overbrook Park

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