#GunCrisis: Solution of the Day: Match youth counseling with sports training

A clinical study of a Chicago Public Schools in-school youth counseling and sports training program has shown a drastic reduction in student violence and arrests:

According to WTTW’s Chicago Tonight:

The program is Becoming A Man–Sports Edition, or BAM. It mentors high school boys in group sessions during school, developing integrity and finding healthy ways to channel anger. After school, the teens are trained in Olympic sports–including archery, handball, martial arts, and wrestling–activities few had any experience in.

Participants in the program had 44 percent fewer arrests for violent crime and 36 percent fewer arrests for other crimes, according to upcoming results from the University of Chicago Crime Lab. The year-long study, which followed students in the 2009-2010 school year, was one of the most rigorous yet on anti-violence programs.

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