#GunCrisis: National updates: 08.06.12

Police investigate a double shooting outside Philadelphia Thursday night. Photo by Tom kelly IV.

WISCONSIN: 7 dead; 3 wounded at Sikh Temple
US: Murdered since Aurora: http://www.demandaplan.org
AZ: Giffords shooter to plead guilty
MI: Officer shot in chest, saved by vest (Video)
HOUSTON: Man dead, daughter-in-law injured by same bullet in bizarre gun accident
NYC: Marchers rally against gun violence in Brooklyn
BALTIMORE: 1 shot dead, 1 shot in cheek
PHILADELPHIA: Shootings Leave Three Critically Injured
PA: One man shot, another narrowly escapes bullet
NJ: 2 are killed in separate Paterson shootings
CA: 3 women injured in Stockton shooting
Graphical Database: Murder Mysteries
#GunCrisis: Solution of the Day: Match youth counseling with sports training
ICYMI: #GunCrisis roundtable on gun violence solutions at Philadelphia City Council

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