Next #GunCrisis roundtable at City Hall: Opening up a dialogue between communities and the media

This morning, Tuesday August 7th, is the kick-off meeting for a new initiative that seeks to bridge the communication gap between distressed and/or under-covered Philadelphia neighborhoods and the media organizations that report on them.

The goals are to open up a dialogue between communities and media; train community reps in the basics of establishing and maintaining relationships with editors and reporters, and facilitating that communication. We also hope, in turn, to educate members of the media on community advocates’ perspectives on the local news.

Community PR reps will be trained in basics of what kind of information reporters need/can use and how to get it to them in a timely manner. Reps will be trained how to contact reporters and editors–a vetted cheat sheet of editors and reporters at local publications will be provided–with newsworthy information about the community and corrections/challenges to published stories.

We look forward to a productive dialogue!

What: Kick-off Citizen PR roundtable

When: 11AM, Tuesday, August 7

Where: Philadelphia City Hall Council Caucus room, 4th Floor

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