Full house gathers for #GunCrisis round table on community and media today at City Hall

We had another full house for the second #GunCrisis round table discussion in the Philadelphia City Council Caucus Chamber today. Photos by Jim MacMillan.

Last week we concentrated primarily on innovate gun violence solutions with council members but today’s meeting focused on organizing a movement by building bridges between community leaders and the media.

We were joined today by Philadelphia CeaseFire Director Marla Davis-Bellamy, at left, seated next to #GunCrisis team member Tara Murtha of the Philadelphia Weekly, who led this meeting.

Large and small local news organizations were on hand as the discussion of root causes and real losses were followed by new tactics and real outcomes.

Denis Devine of WHYY Radio Times offered advice on communicating with his newsroom, and later told me that their series of programs on gun violence solutions has been extended to four.

Davis-Bellamy suggested that GunCrisis.org and journalism schools could collaborate with grassroots anti-violence communities to develop their digital media communications.

Perhaps for next time, Philadelphia Daily News photojournalist Alejandro Alvarez suggested a speed-dating format to get community representatives and journalists face-to-face, a tactic used at the Dart Center conference that inspired GunCrisis.org.

Next, The GunCrisis reporting project will be collaborating with Philadelphia CeaseFire to mine social media sources to help with violence interruption.

Everybody noticed that the acoustics were challenging today but conversations overcame the impediments.

Here’s a swift report from metro.us/philadelphia: When reporters get it wrong: Gun Crisis News gives citizens a say

Let us know if you would like access to today’s attendee list but you can catch up with the conversation online right now via Twitter @guncrisisnews.

Thanks again to everybody helping us out at the Philadelphia City Council, and thanks to all who gave their time to participate today.

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