#GunCrisis: Solution of the Day: Persistence

A recent opinion piece from E.J. Dionne Jr. at the Washington Post argues that when the public demands a response after events such as the recent round of mass shootings, the gun lobby’s rote response will be to accuse critics of exploiting the deaths of innocent people:

Police investigate after five people were shot during an incident in North Philadelphia last month. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek.

The rest of us allow it to work every time. Its goal is to block any conversation about how our nation’s gun laws, the most permissive in the industrialized world, increase the likelihood of mass killings of this sort.

You can see this because we never allow an assertion of this kind to stop conversation on other issues.

It’s only where a gun massacre is concerned that an absolute and total gag rule is imposed on any thinking beyond the immediate circumstances of the catastrophe.

So let’s ask ourselves: Aren’t we all in danger of being complicit in throwing up our hands and allowing the gun lobby to write our gun laws? Awful things happen, we mourn them and then we shrug. And that’s why they keep happening.

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