CNN checks in with #GunCrisis: Philadelphia

We want to thank CNN’s Sarah Hoye@SarahHoyeCNN — for spending a couple of long nights on the street with the #GunCrisis: Philadelphia reporting project.

Read Hoye’s full report — with a slide show of Joe Kaczmarek’s photo coverage — at

At GunCrisis, an open-source interactive journalism project launched in March, the goal is to avoid becoming entangled in gun control debates or in drafting new legislation, MacMillan said. Instead, they try to bring people together to find solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia.

Let us know how can serve you better, if you want to collaborate, or if you are interested in launching a similar project in your city or town.

Please come back often to for a hard look at Philadelphia gun violence — and a daily balance of solutions.

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