GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Show up to court

Philadelphia Police officers recovered this gun nearby after a two-year-old girl was wounded in a triple shooting in the Logan section of Philadelphia in June. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek.

Helen Ubiñas takes a look at the typical sentencing hearing for illegal gun possession in Philadelphia in a story at at, and explains how you can help:

CeaseFirePA has started going into the neighborhoods where a person was caught with an illegal gun and asking advocates and residents to show up to court to send a message that, fired or not, illegal guns have a lasting impact on the community.

So far, it’s working. At the last hearing CeaseFirePA and supporters attended, the defendant was sentenced to a hefty four to eight years behind bars. Yeah, I’d say that guy, and hopefully others, got the message that day

Read the full post: You want illegal guns off the streets? CeaseFirePA has a good idea



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