#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Fight the bull

Financial expert, economic commentator and local NYC community leader Ryan Mack blogs in the Huffington Post this week: “Six Ways You Can Help End Gun Violence.”

Mack’s solutions include pressuring officials and finding the courage to snitch on criminals, as well as finding, joining, promoting and supporting those groups and individuals already pursuing solutions in your community.

Yet, he begins by addressing “the perpetual critics who are always the quickest to discredit the solutions of others.:

You know who I’m talking about …those who never have a solution to present themselves but practically and some literally make a living from downplaying the attempts of others to correct a problem of our community.

We don’t need more critics; we need bull fighters in the ring doing the work if we are to have any success in decreasing the pointless gun violence. I hope you find the courage within to join with the many, but at this point far too few, people who have decided to not sit on the sidelines and join the fight to take back our communities from the grips of crime and violence.

Read the full post: Six Ways You Can Help End Gun Violence


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