#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Target illegal firearms traffickers with existing narcotics prosecution resources

Police investigate a double shooting and murder Tuesday night in the Logan section of Philadelphia. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek for GunCrisis.org.

Brooklyn DA candidate and former prosecutor Abe George says that the solution to gun violence in New York is the formation of a city-wide prosecutorial task force targeting illegal firearms traffickers.

In a New York Daily News guest column, George says the key is to expand the jurisdiction of existing narcotics prosecutors and “start fighting gun violence right now without having to allocate one more dollar.”

The same logic could apply to any city.

His rationale is that guns are free flowing contraband, transcending geographic boundaries, and that “the investigation of drug traffickers is very similar to the investigation of gun traffickers.”

“The time has come to declare a war on guns,” he concludes.

Read the column: The case for forming a city-wide task force to fight firearms traffickers and end violence on our streets

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