#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Week in Review

Investigators look over a gun found at the scene after Philadelphia Police officer Moses Walker, Jr. was shot and killed in North Philadelphia Saturday morning. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek. More: joekaczmarek.blogspot.com

Police motorcade escorts body of slain Philadelphia officer
Gun violence takes three lives overnight in Philadelphia
Crime scene investigation: Police officer shot to death in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Police officer shot and killed: Reports from the scene, headlines and reactions
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Fix the National Background Check System
Gunman kills man on steps of a Brewerytown home overnight
More than 100 people shot in Philadelphia in four weeks since the Colorado theater shooting
Peace ‘N Philly planning free Bookbag Extravaganza
#GunCrisis: National Updates 8.16.12
Shooter opens fire on two men in a car Wednesday night, not far from an afternoon murder scene
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Target illegal firearms traffickers with existing narcotics prosecution resources
#GunCrisis: Philadelphia Updates: 8.15.12
Man shot and killed at rec center Tuesday night
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Improved Academic, Career, and Technical Training in Juvenile Justice System
Photos from the scene: Neighbors crowd the block after fatal drive-by double shooting in Logan
#GunCrisis National Updates: 08.15.12
Four people shot in one Philadelphia police district Monday night
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Fight the bull
#GunCrisis Philadelphia Updates: 08.14.12
#GunCrisis: More children and teens among victims in recent headlines
#ICYMI: Busy stretch at GunCrisis.org
Update: Multiple shooting near Texas A&M
#GunCrisis National Updates: 08.13.12
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Close the Gun Show Loophole
Two fatal shootings among overnight gun violence reports in Philadelphia
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Greening vacant urban spaces
#GunCrisis Philadelphia Updates: 08.12.12
#GunCrisis: Children shot and killed across the US this week
#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Target gun violence as a social disease

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