#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Disrupting violence with text messages

A post at techpresident.com takes a look at how CeaseFire Chicago has been working other organizations to use text messaging to interrupt violent behavior with PeaceTXT:

These messages are user-generated in that the content was developed by high-risk individuals themselves — i.e., those most likely to get involved in gun violence. The messages are not limited to reminders. Some also prompt the community to get engaged by responding to various questions. Indeed, the project seeks to crowdsource community solutions to gun violence and thus greater participation. When high-risk individuals were asked how they’d feel if they were to receive these messages on their phones, they had the following to share: “makes me feel like no one is forgetting about me”; “message me once a day to make a difference.”

Read the full post: With Text Messages, Saving Lives Through Timely Words

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