#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Apply government purchasing power to make gun manufacturers change their behavior

Photo by Joe Kaczmarek

Eliot Spitzer, writing at Slate.com earlier this month, says that both the Department of Defense and the city of New York are among the largest purchaser’s of guns in the U.S., and could leverage that purchasing power to force the manufacturers to “act responsibly:”

If the president and the mayor truly believe that semi-automatic weapons should not be available to private purchasers, and that magazines with more than 10 bullets should not be sold over the counter, they should simply say that, from now on, the federal government and the city of New York, as a matter of public safety, will not buy any weapons or ammunition from companies that do not agree to pull semi-automatics from their stock and refuse to produce magazines with more than 10 rounds other than for sale to the government.

The major gun manufacturers will agree to the limits imposed by their major customers.

Use the power of the government as a purchaser, as a consumer, to get the companies marketing these products to change their behavior. And do it now. Stop blaming the legislature and act, immediately.

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