#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Replicable, scalable low-cost violence prevention programs

A post at washingtonmonthly.com checks out a mentoring and counseling program for at-risk youth in the Chicago Public Schools, which “showed a 44 percent decrease in violent crime arrests during the intervention. Participating youth also became more engaged with school — an impact that grew even larger in the year after the program ended.”

Chalk and markers identify shell casings at the scene of recent double drive-by shooting in Philadelphia. Photo by Joseph Kaczmarek.

A co-director calls this program “remarkable” due to its “relatively limited number of contact hours, its scalability, and the relatively low cost:”

“On average, each program participant had about 13 contact hours with the program. Because it was developed as a manualized intervention, the program can be replicated and brought to scale fairly easily.”

Read the full post: Chicago: Murder, Inc. USA (but it doesn’t have to be)


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