#GunCrisis.org in the news: Citizen Journalism For A Violence Epidemic

Today, fastcoexist.com, a Fast Company site “focused on groundbreaking innovation, innovation that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use,” called GunCrisis.org “ambitious project is chronicling Philadelphia’s explosion of gun crime, in the hopes of finding some solution to stop us from all shooting each other.” From the report:

The summer of 2012 was one of the most violent in Philadelphia’s history. On July 12, 2012, one of the worst nights of the summer, eight Philadelphians were shot in the span of 90 minutes. Between August 6 and August 12, the last week when statistics were publicly available from the Philadelphia Police Department, gun violence was everywhere–six homicides, 56 cases of robbery involving guns, and 64 cases of aggravated insults where guns were used. In response to the city’s endemic gun violence, a team of journalists and academics launched The Gun Crisis Reporting Project, or #guncrisis–a crowdsourced journalism project for Philadelphia gun violence reports.

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