#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: “You need something big and solid”

After a York, PA, woman was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight and shot in the head early Sunday morning, whptv.com checked in with Dickinson College Director of Public Safety Michael Guido:

He says wherever you are, have a plan. In other words, find protective cover in the event of gunfire. You need something big and solid.

Medics transport a man who was wounded when shots were fired outside a night club in the Center City section of Philadelphia in July. Photo by Joseph Kaczmarek.

Most caliber rounds will easily go through wood or siding, but not a car or appliance. If there’s nothing like that around, get on the ground. If you are not in the line of fire, run away. But always stay calm and keep moving to safety.

“The bottom line is our society is getting to the point where it’s not just our military and our law enforcement are going to be placed in harms way,” continued Guido. “But there is a real good possibility this is going to continue to happen and people need to take a real good hard look at what their going to do whenever this stuff happens.”

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