#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Occupy the Corner

The Epoch Times checked in with the Occupy the Corners movement, which has been gathering across New York City for the last three weekends to discuss and promote peaceful solutions to gun violence.

Members of Mothers in Charge, a support group for families affected by violence, lead a Peace Walk last month in Philadelphia. Last weekend, they maintained a 24 Hour “Stop The Violence” Prayer Service in West Philadelphia. Photo by Jim MacMillan

“We’re creating a presence in our community, and we’re here to speak with people directly,” said Talib Hudson, a graduate student studying Urban Policy at the New School. “I refuse to be afraid of my brothers and sisters out here in our neighborhood. I cannot be part of the solution if I’m scared to talk to people.”

Participants want to create a hotline for young people confronted with guns, start workshops and bring wireless laptops to corners to help people find jobs and other resources.

More events are scheduled for this weekend.

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