Gunfire intrudes on daily life across the US

Resting was dangerous for a Connecticut man who was shot while sitting on his sofa, a Kentucky man who found a shot coming into his bedroom and a Texas woman was reported to have been accidentally shot by her husband while sleeping.

Getting up was just as risky for a San Francisco woman who was shot while hanging her laundry and two men shot while walking their dog in Cleveland.

A Philadelphia teen was grazed by a tray bullet while playing basketball last week. Photo by Joe Kaczmarek.

Media reports on gun violence surface more often when incidents meet traditional news value criteria including multiple victims, stray bullets, mistaken identity, campus shootings, or when a child or police officer is wounded or killed.

But while scanning the headlines over the last month, we compiled an unusual number of reports of people getting shot while going about their usual business.

Cars were no safer for a man who was shot to death at a fast food drive-through in Oakland or for a Kansas City man who was shot during a robbery after he ran out of gas.

It had to be frightening for Nevada moviegoers when a man accidentally fired his gun in a movie theater but worse for a man who was accidentally shot in the parking lot outside an NFL game in Arizona. Another man was shot at a Pennsylvania strip club.

Celebrations turned to tragedy when a guest was shot to death at a Los Angeles wedding reception and when a South Carolina man was shot at a birthday party.

A fight at another party led to a four people getting shot at a Texas Walmart. A security guard was shot in a Kansas clothing store, and in Virginia, one man is accused of shooting another after an argument over cutting into a drug store line.

Here in Philadelphia, at least 140 people were shot during August, based on incidents tracked by the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.

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