#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Holistic response

Seattle is about to launch a series of community forums intended to get residents talking, not just to government officials but also to one another, about how to address escalating gun violence, according to Seattle Times reporter Lornet Turnbull.

A neighbor photographs the crime scene with his phone after a man was shot multiple times in the Germantown section of Philadelphia Wednesday night. Photo for GunCrisis.org by Joseph Kaczmarek.

With 23 homicides in the city this year, Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith says they “need to hear from the entire community … hear what the city should do to respond.”

While the Police Department has a clear role in addressing this violence, solutions could come from other city departments — economic development, human services, parks and recreation.

“It’s a holistic approach for how we respond,” Smith said. “We are encouraging people to go to a meeting, convene with your neighbors and talk to the city.”

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