#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Call on the candidates

“Confusion. Alarm. Fear. All these words came to mind yesterday around 4:25 p.m.”

President Barack Obama

Celeste Doaks, a creative writing professor at Morgan State University had learned about a shooting on the campus on September 12th.

“Were any of my students hurt? Were any professors struck by bullets? Was the shooter still on the loose?”

It’s one thing to feel scared in the places we have learned to fear, according to Doaks.

“It’s quite another to think about institutions of higher learning harboring gun-toting imbeciles. This should be a safe haven where ideas are the primary cultural capital, and minds of tomorrow are being molded.”

Doaks says that she wants to see her pre-teen nephews “grow up in a world that rebels against gun violence.”

“Instead, America almost appears to condone it. There is a certain bravado associated with male violence that is both disturbing and intrinsic. Truth is, men relate to guns. “

Governor Mitt Romnet

However, there are two men who have had very little to say in the wake of recent events:

“Ultimately, I’m hoping that these incidents will put the issue of gun control at the forefront of America’s presidential debate.”

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Update: Suspect arrested in Morgan State University campus shooting


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