#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Mandatory gun liability insurance

“We need to stop focusing on inanimate objects (guns) and start talking about people,” according to Susan Barsy, a blogger in Chicago and a specialist in 19th-century American political history.

Barsy asks “Should We Treat Guns More Like Cars?” in a post examining if there is “something to be gained from “normalizing” gun ownership, while at the same time expecting at least as much from a gun owner as from a person who owns a car?”

“Like guns, cars, though useful, can be dangers to their owners and to other people. Which is why we, as a society, require that cars be registered, and that their drivers be educated and licensed. Moreover, to ensure that those who wish to own and drive cars do so without cost to others, we require that owners buy auto insurance.”

Barsy argues that gun insurance would benefit gun owners as well as society at large.

“In particular, insurers could place an actuarial value on the specific hazards involved in the ownership of a specific gun. Individuals wishing to buy semi-automatic weapons would be free to do so, but the insurance costs would provide an incentive to think twice and go easy.”

She says that could also reduce the criminal use of lost or stolen guns:

“Individual gun owners would have an incentive to see that guns insured in their name were not used in the commission of crime. They would have a stronger incentive to report the loss or theft of a gun promptly.”

Read the full post at susanbarsy.com: Should We Treat Guns More Like Cars?

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