Police officers shot, mass shootings and stray bullets dominate #GunCrisis national news this week

A child clings to his mother while police investigate after his father was shot during an attempted robbery, as 10 people were wounded or killed by gunfire last Thursday night in Philadelphia. Photograph for the GunCrisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

California: Mass shooting Wednesday near Los Angeles
WisconsinGunman kills 3, then self in spa shooting
Pennsylvania: Man Who Hosts ‘Shooting Party’ Arrested for Stray Bullet that Hits Nearby Home
Montana: Man killed by stray bullet while hunting
Wisconsin: Adams Co. Man Struck by Stray Bullet, in Stable Condition
Alaska: Stray bullet from Anchorage argument hits bystander
Florida: Woman recounts being caught in a drive-by shooting in St. Petersburg
Ohio: Stray bullet nearly hit hikers
New York: Nassau Police Officer and 2nd Man Are Killed in Rampage at City’s Edge
New York: Off-duty NYPD officer shot, expected to survive
Minnesota: Officer Shot in Twin Cities Shooting
Michigan: Mother writes play about son’s unsolved killing
Mississippi: Gun show injuries prompt concerns
Missouri: Child shot at, 2 others wounded following apparent road rage incident
Georgia: Witnesses describe finding child after quintuple shooting
New Jersey: Gripped by violence in Asbury Park
This week in Philadelphia: National Conference on Black on Black Violence

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