Thankful for your support

At the GunCrisis Reporting Project we are thankful this Thanksgiving for the notable reduction in the number of shootings reported in Philadelphia over the past few weeks but we still have an enormous amount of work to do together.

Please remember our neighbors in need of a safer city and that there are a number of ways that you can participate and support this mission at no cost.

First, you can get a clear picture of the challenge by keeping up with incidents and issues reported at, through our local and national Twitter feeds and by subscribing to our free breaking news text alert service, the GunCrisis iPhone app, YouTube video updates, monthly email newsletter or the site post RSS feed.

Then, share your ideas in the public forum on Twitter, on the Facebook/GunCrisis page, through the live chat window or direct message form on the site, or by leaving a comment at the bottom of any post. Every tweet, like, share and comment makes our community a little bit stronger.

Click the Peace tab to learn about the #phillypeaceplan, a strategy to shift social media conversations about violent incidents back to discussions of solutions.

Click the Network tab to see our expanding list of groups and individuals working to reduce violence and click the Solutions tab to see reports on what has been working in Philadelphia and beyond.

You can reach us directly via email using or leave a message in our voice mail at (215) 882-9867.

If you would like to get more directly involved, or just have an idea about how we can serve you better, please let us know.

Soon, we will be sharing news of exciting developments within our organization, including the ability to accept tax-deductible donations to support expanded services, but you will always be invited to read our news reports at no charge and to collaborate on solutions until we put an end to this epidemic.

Thank you for your attention and support.

The GunCrisis Reporting Project, November, 2012

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