Across the river: Crosses stand for homicide victims in Camden, NJ

A community group in Camden, NJ, is planting crosses in front of City Hall in remembrance of lives lost to homicide in the city in 2012.

Follow Camden: Stop the Trauma, Violence and Murder on Facebook at From the community page:

We are a group that is deeply concerned about the ongoing effects of trauma upon the people of Camden. The violence—murders, assaults, crime and enduring poverty create a culture of trauma that is damaging our community.

According to a recent report at the local news site in Michigan, new figures released Oct. 29 put Flint, MI, behind Camden for per capita violent crime for cities over 50,000 population in 2011.

However, 2012 has been much worse in Camden, according to a USA Today report noting that Camden set a grim new record recently, with its 59th homicide of the year.

A recent report says Camden’s per capita homicide rate is four times worse than in Philadelphia, where nearly 300 people have been murdered in 2012, just across the Delaware River.

Other volunteers working to quell the violence in Camden were recently profiled at

Stay updated with this map of: 2011-12 Camden homicides

View 2011-12 Camden homicides in a larger map

Photos for the GunCrisis Reporting Project by Jim MacMillan.

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