Weekend review: Gun violence leaves seven dead and eight wounded across Philadelphia

Last weekend at GunCrisis.org, we reported that five people had been found shot to death across Philadelphia in the span of 24 hours, and later learned that a sixth victim had been found dead at one of the previous crime scenes.

Altogether, between Friday morning and Sunday night, we identified 13 incidents which left seven people dead and eight more wounded by gunfire.

Jessica Griffin was on location for the GunCrisis Reporting Project from the incident shown here, after a 17-year-old Daquan Parker was pronounced dead on the scene — where he was shot in the head on Croskey Street near McKean in the Girard Park section of South Philadelphia.

Six of the victims were shot in North Philadelphia, five were gunned down in West Philadelphia, and one each was shot in South Philly — and the Olney, Tioga and Nicetown sections of the city.

Altogether, fourteen men, one woman and four teenage boys were shot. The average age of the known victims was 26, but one man remains unidentified.

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