#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Bloomberg’s three-point plan

Photo by Tom Kelly IV A man was shot multiple times late Tuesday night, December 12, 2012 in the 1900 block of West Wingohocking Street in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia.  An assault rifle and at least one handgun were fired in the incident, which left more then 35 bullet casings scattered on the roadway.  Philadelphia Crime Scene Investigators, and Detectives gathered evidence at the scene.

Evidence markers hint at the dozens of shots fired at a man who was killed last week in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia. Photograph for GunCrisis.org by Tom Kelly IV.

On Monday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on Washington to swiftly support his three-point plan to reduce gun violence.

Bloomberg wants lawmakers to close gun sale loopholes in order to require background checks for all gun purchases, reinstate the previous federal ban on assault weapons and make gun trafficking a felony.

Tha campaign is presented in detail at demandaplan.org, which reminds us that 34 people are murdered with guns in the United States every day, which means 48,000 will be killed during President Obama’s next term.

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