We’re looking at you! Keep the conversation going on gun violence reduction in 2013


Following the tragic mass shooting in Connecticut last month, we saw steep growth in traffic and discussion across all of our platforms here at the GunCrisis Reporting Project, but as the graph above illustrates, the conversation on our Facebook page dropped back almost as dramatically as Christmas approached.

We have seen at least one online exchange suggesting that Facebook may have dialed back all page impressions once again, and understand that holidays may have intervened, but please join us in maintaining a constant conversation in search of solutions to all gun violence, including not only mass shootings but also the daily toll of gunfire in cities such as Philadelphia.

On a more encouraging note, traffic is maintaining at new highs at GunCrisis.org so far in 2013. Please share your ideas on how we can stop the gunfire, here in our comments section or on our social media platforms, which you can find in the right column.

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