Stray bullets wound dozens across the US

Mummers ParadeJoseph Kaczmarek of the GunCrisis Reporting Project spotted this stray 9mm shell casing Tuesday afternoon on JFK Boulevard near LOVE Park while covering the Philadelphia Mummer’s New Year’s Day Parade for the Associated Press.

At a press conference Monday, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said that police received 154 reports of shots fired on last New Year’s Eve, according to, and this year sounded much the same, based on Philadelphia Police radio traffic during the first few minutes of 2013.

While punctuated by stray bullet injures from celebratory holiday gunfire, news reports reveal dozens of innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of gun violence across the US last month, beginning with the most recent:

Florida: Jacksonville family thankful son is OK after hit with stray bullet
Florida: Stray bullet hits woman, may be from AK-47
Ohio: Murder suspect arrested; Victim caught in crossfire at Lorain gas station on New Year’s Day
Indiana: Stray bullets damage several homes on New Year’s Eve
Florida: Stray bullet hits man on New Year’s Eve
Tennessee: 6-year-old girl hit by stray bullet
Texas: Stray Bullet Injuries
Maryland: 10-Year-Old Shot By Stray Bullet On New Year’s Eve
Kentucky: Stray bullet narrowly misses sleeping child
California: Child Shot While Waiting for SF Fireworks
FloridaKids caught in the crossfire around Jacksonville
Texas: Stray bullet killed Rio Hondo teen
Florida: 3-year-old shot while on sofa in Lakewood home
New Jersey: Woman grazed by stray bullet in apparent Jersey City drive-by shooting
California: Oakland parishioner struck by stray bullet from shooting outside church
North Carolina: Man Caught In Crossfire, Taken To Hospital
Colorado: Child Struck By Stray Bullet
Texas: Family Says Downtown Murder Victim Was Innocent Bystander
New York: Stray bullet hits woman
Colorado: Umbrella, Not Gun, Prompts School Lockdown
Illinois: Stray Bullet Goes Through Skokie Home Window
Texas: Suspect charged in fatal shooting of innocent bystander outside nightclub
Florida: Man sentenced to life for stray bullet killing
Virginia: Innocent bystander killed in NN shooting
Illinois: Stray Bullet Lands in Resident’s Home
Georgia: Store owner accused of shooting customer and innocent bystander
Arkansas: Man Accused of Killing Innocent Bystander Surrenders to Police
Pennsylvania: 2 bystanders caught in crossfire of Lawrence County shooting
Illinois: Stray Bullet Lands in Resident’s Home
Washington: Man and child shot in Congress Heights Saturday
Texas: Stray Bullet Shatters Window at CBS Radio

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