Universities declare: “The time has come” to confront gun violence in the US


The Executive Committee of the Association of American Universities released this statement today:

The Association of American Universities, which comprises 60 leading U.S. and two Canadian research universities, believes that the time has come for the United States to confront our culture of violence, particularly violence perpetrated by guns. The Newtown slaughter is the latest in a series of mass murders, but the nature and number of its victims have caused Americans to devote special attention to this tragic event and its causes. Our schools and campuses have unfortunately become centers of national mourning, from Columbine to Virginia Tech, and now Newtown.

As leaders of public and private universities, we strongly urge the President and the Congress to seek effective means of mitigating this scourge of American life. We believe that strong, meaningful action needs to occur in three domains: gun control, care of the mentally ill, and the culture of our contemporary media.

Download the complete text: Statement on Gun Violence in America
The Executive Committee of the Association of American Universities, on Behalf of the Association

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